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Brush Strokes


We are a multimedia platform designed from artists for artists, offering creatives exciting new ways to share their unique talent to an international audience and providing collectors and art lovers ways to discover hidden gems. Our mission is to facilitate and foster collaborations and support for independent artists from all walks of life across all mediums. Providing a space where events, projects and ideas can be brought to life through various avenues and share inspiring stories to help bring awareness and flood creativity back into our communities. CRE8 fosters a global community, crossing borders in pursuit of bringing all sorts of artistic talent to the forefront. A true haven for inclusion, acceptance and freedom of expression.



CRE8 LIVE is an international POP-UP art show designed to bring a unique and thought provoking art experience to our audience each time, carefully curated by Diana Barillas and designed by our award winning creative director Kalise Wallace.


Our LIVE events are a vessel that creates opportunities for artists of all disciplines to showcase their talent.  CRE8 LIVE is a 18 and over art event and welcomes an international audience.


CRE8 LIVE Art Shows contribute to positive social change by building a network of artists of all mediums, collectors and art enthusiast to celebrate the arts and supports local businesses.


Every one of our LIVE art shows benefit and raise awareness for various Non-Profit organizations.

Empty Room


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