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Sacramento, CA


The rules of fitting in never interested me. The deep rooted Hispanic family values that were forced upon me I ignored. No matter how big of an argument it led to. The small town I’m from did not agree with my views of life. It’s a town you never heard of. A place where artistic views are seen as symptoms for being outcast.

I continue to disrupt the normal rules of society through art. I do this to show the youth that just because your exiled because of who you are does not mean you’re a nobody. No matter how alone you feel.

To be unaccepted by the traditional ways of life is one of biggest goals you can achieve.


These photos are a reflection of my connection with the world. It’s the balance between emotions and simplicity. No matter what mood swing were in there is something in the simple things that save us.

It can be from a sunset to a small street light on a dark street.

Being really locked in to a certain mood makes us see more value to the everyday objects we pass by.

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