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Paris, France


...Art is the junction between reality and fiction, between certainty and imagination:

it is an individual experience...

In my work, I largely explore two themes: the link between the physical body (flesh) and the
mind (consciousness and soul), and the subject of «Identity»,

both through large-format paintings and drawings.
I have been fortunate to live in different places, experience different cultures, religions, and
ways of life. I was born in Canada and lived as a child in Northern Ontario where my father
served as doctor among the miners and Ojibway Indian tribe. I have spent my adolescence in
Israel, received my formal art education in Florence - four years at the Academy of Fine Arts -
and in Paris were I studied and practiced engraving techniques. I have been living and working
in Paris and made several long journeys to Senegal over a ten-year period. My work is shaped
by all these references and the heritage of my parents (both artistes).
I work mainly in series, which can last a month, a year or more and my subjects are always
relate or revolve around the human; it could be persons, "beings", faces or portraits. My figures
are often expressive, distorted, real or imaginary, and express the complexity of who we are.
The current series are "The Golishas" and "Panim."
I use a variety of media: acrylic paint, collages taken from my own drawings and from prints
created by my father, from my adolescent notebooks,

my mother and grandmother’s writings and anonymous documents.

Like washed-off manuscripts pages -palimpsests- only small traces remained.
The choice of material is deliberate. It is my conviction and belief that each one of us is part of a
long chain, linked to nature and to our ancestors who preceded us in their journey on earth.
At the center of complex influences and pluralities, marked by my Jewish heritage, scientific
discoveries, the fashion industry, science fiction and mythologies, I try to explore the emotional
and intellectual vision of « being », through my personal experience.

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