CRE8 is a multimedia platform designed from artists for artists, offering creatives exciting new ways to share their unique talent to a broader audience and offering art lovers and collectors to discover hidden gems. ​


Our mission is to build a platform that fosters collaboration and support for independent artists and local businesses that make our world interesting. We want to give artists as well as creative and independent small businesses a spotlight for people to see and discover.


Our intention is to share inspiring stories to help bring awareness and inspiration. Creating a global community, crossing borders in pursuit of bringing all sorts of artistic talent to the forefront.


These are our current means of doing so:

  • CRE8 created its first virtual Art Exhibit titled "CENTURY OF HUMANITY" in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • CRE8 is an international Pop-Up Gallery featuring local as well as international artists of all mediums. Happening by monthly in different cities.                      Due to COVID-19 All events are cancelled until further notice. SEE MORE 

  • CRE8 will be a Docu-Series. Each one of these epic group shows will be filmed and turned into a Docu-Series so artists have a chance to live on past just one event. 

  • CRE8 released two Seasons of interviews with artists from all walks of  live. Getting an intimate look into their stories and their craft at a deeper, more personal level. CHECK OUT INTERVIEWS

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