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Montclair, CA


The signature of my work originates from a classical subject, people

In this era we are seeing images and gathering information at a higher rate than ever in history.

Because of this, the influence of today is constantly adhering itself to the way I create my art. Whether it is a portrait of a figure, I have taken that classic subject and examined it with a contemporary eye.

Making it a more modern interpretation of the subject.

As an artist I continuously examine new techniques and new ways to express myself. Although there is a consistency in my work, I am always striving for a fresh way to manipulate the human form. Not only do I make it look like it is being pushed and pulled in different directions but also I have it protrude and recede from the background. The prominent characteristic in my work the contrast of the soft lines and smooth curves with rough, unstructured backgrounds. Through this manipulation of the figure and the various images that

will surround the form is how I tell our story.


The fluidity of the acrylic paint, I mostly use, is perfect extension of my personality and working style, constantly changing, introducing new opportunities and me quickly adapting to what is presented to me. Never letting the paint take control of the work. 


I Continuously create to evoke emotion, whether positive or negative, from the audience. The language of the human face and the human figure transcend speech, allowing me to converse with all those who view my work.

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