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CRE8 sat down with Anabelle Del Valle

Mixed Media Artist

1. Introduce yourself My name is Anabelle Del Valle. I am a mixed media artist with a background in architecture and graphic design. 2. What kind of art do you do? I do mixed media with a focus on analog collage.

3. What are the things you're most proud of/grateful for? Grateful for my family and all the opportunities I’ve been given to showcase my artwork. Grateful for all the good things and struggles I’ve encountered as an artist and person to help me be where I am today. 4. What seems to be your biggest struggle being an artist? Biggest struggle is to balance an art practice with a day job. It can be difficult for Employers to take you seriously or as an asset to a team when you have a “side gig”. Balancing both an artistic practice with a job can be a struggle. But it is rewarding to be able to grow professionally in both arenas. I like stability in my personal life, which includes financial and emotional balance. The road for an emerging artist can be difficult when sales don’t match the investment. I have found I need to keep my professional practice in graphic design and architecture in order to afford to be creatively active as an artist. It a is real challenge to balance both practices with a personal life. I am very fortunate to have a supportive family and fiancée.

5. How do you override these struggles? Well the struggle is real at times. It is emotionally draining because it is easy to get stressed or discouraged about it all. I just try to take things one at a time and find solutions as I go. I am working on not procrastinating when I get tired or simply feel lazy. I find that letting things sit too long creates bigger headaches and unnecessary stress. It is better to deal with things as fast as possible to eliminate mental clutter. Art making can be daunting at times and I stare at things for a while before starting. I am working on just starting to work faster without thinking too much. Sometimes just starting to work without any purpose helps get things going with an art piece.

6. What are you currently working on? Working on a my first Solo show at Oink Gallery in Swindon UK. It is a series of screen prints with collage. I am also showing a few pieces in a new gallery in Little Tokyo here in Los Angeles.

7. What is you're Mission as an artist? My mission is to make art. I hope one day to be able to create work opportunities for other artists and people in general. I’d like to collaborate and create community. I’d like others to find their creativity through art.


Favorite inspiring quote:

"Art resides in the quality of doing, process is not magic."

-Charles Eames



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