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CRE8 sat down with Katja Lavinia

Singer/Songwriter. Musician. SoundTherapist. LyricSongComposer. Piano. Guitar.

1. Introduce yourself

My namer is Katja Lavinia

2. What kind of art do you do?

I am a singer songwriter, poet, writer, and I dabble with drawing and painting from time to time 

3. What are the things you're most proud of/grateful for?

That is a great question. I am most proud of my “risk-taking” abilities – packing up my apartment two years ago leaving the safety of my job, my friends, my significant other, my family, in pursuit of my long life dream to become a professional/well-known/respected singer songwriter in the music industry in LA. I am grateful for all the love and support that has surrounded me through the thick and thin of this journey. My mom and my close friends have cheered me on and supported my every step. 

4. What seems to be your biggest struggle being an artist?

My biggest struggle emotionally speaking, is feeling worried that I won’t be what others expect me to be. Meaning, if I set out to be a singer songwriter in the hopes of being well known and respected, and I don’t live up to that standard I am worried that I will let others down. Proving that I am worth it as a huge worry for me. Am I “good enough” to be on that stage to sing those songs to have people spend money time and energy to listen to what I have to say and sing?

My logistic struggle currently is drying in a bigger audience. I have had many shows with wonderful friends and family that have attended. And while that is so amazing and fills my heart with such gratitude, I would like to expand my audience. Fill the room with people I don’t know and continue to grow my Fanbase. And I’m not entirely sure how to do that successfully but I know I will. 

5. How do you override these struggles?

With regards to my emotional struggle currently, the concept of self worth, am I good enough for you, proving myself to others, is such a vulnerable struggle. The best way for me to constantly work through the struggle is to be loving, kind, and proud of myself no matter what. This takes constant work and internal bravery. With regards to my logistic struggle, this involves lots of networking, continuing to learn about the online social media presence and what I need to work on. For example I will be starting my YouTube site professionally in the next few weeks so that will be new for me and I think that will be very helpful in expanding my audience.

6. What are you currently working on?

I’m currently working on an album that branch is from my EP that was released February 1, 2019. My album will include a few new songs coupled with a few cover songs. I’m always looking to evolve and explore with my music and I’m excited about this work. My EP, “Then & Now” has more of a pop sound which is good for the first step and my amazing Producer who worked with me on that EP, Dave Tweedie, was fabulous. As I work on this new album with my dear friend who is also a musician and producer, Eden Iris, I am excited to branch out, expanding my pop sound and blending it with more of a soul, blues, rustic sound. I can’t wait to share it with you all! 

Stay tuned for my official YouTube page coming out in the next couple of weeks where I will be singing and promoting newly written songs, cover songs etc. I am very excited! 

7. What is your mission as an artist?

That is another amazing question. My mission as an artist as to offer healing to others. With my words and my voice and the way I offer that message through my songs, I hope others will resonate, heal, gain perspective, and feel good by the beginning middle and end of each song.


Find Katja Lavinia on Spotify, Pandora,

Amazon music, Google music, and her website



Quote that inspires you:

"Life is a journey, not a destination;

There are no mistakes, just chances we've taken"

-India Ari



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