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CRE8’s ENCANTADA Closing Ceremony featuring Spiritual Alchemist Cindy Canek, a multi sensory, mind, body and spirit adventure.

Begin your experience as you wander through ENCANTADA, a 3D immersive sensory Forest, ending at the Space Bar to meet & mingle . Cindy Canek will then open your mind and channel messages as she gives astrological guidance and group reading.

Finish the evening celebrating a closing ceremony in the Catrina meadow.

For those with our VIP packages, experience a one on one “Bitch Slap” while Cindy connects and explores the messages that are meant specifically for you to hear (Value of $150).

An Una Luna presentation

*ENCANTADA is an immersive 3D Blacklight Adventure Exhibit by CRE8.

  • Creative Director Kalise Wallace
  • 3D Murals by Debi Cable
  • Sculptures by Inoe Vargas
  • Scent Art by Daniel Krasofski
  • Multi Media Artist Milena Mortati
  • Painter Kat Martinez


CLOSING CEREMONY SUNDAY 2, 2023 from 4pm-8pm

at 1500 South Los Angeles Street

Los Angeles, CA 90015

$100 per person


CRE8 has transformed their 3D Blacklight Adventure Exhibit "ENCANTADA" into an awesome date night experience you don't want to miss!


Tickets are non refundable however life is ever changing. Contact us immediately so we can try to schedule you for another night at

CRE8 is LGTBQ+ inclusive and any discrimination of any kind will not be tolerated ❤️🙏

CRE8 is an artistic co op making art from the heart ❤️♾️

WARNING:The maze has some laser, flash and fog elements. Anyone with any pre conditions that might have a reaction please take caution before entering the exhibit.

PLEASE NOTE: By purchasing your ticket you agree to any and all content captured and posted publicly by you and of yourself or any other guests of the DATE NIGHT event is property of CRE8 and may be released for public use at any time.

This is a 21 & over event


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