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Universal Good is a premier wellness collaborative on a mission to bring families & communities together in support of holistic wellbeing.

Come join us for a never-before-seen wellness event for kids all ages that combines mindfulness in a whole new way. Transporting you and your child to higher dimensions of peace, awe and mental and emotional healing - along with a great selection of other activities for the perfect self care experience for the whole family.


Experience is on Friday March 24, 2023

11am - 3pm

Feel free to jump in and out whenever you want during those 4 hours!


Located at:

1500 South Los Angeles Street

Los Angeles, CA 90015



$25 per child

Adults are FREE


CRE8 has transformed the space into a 3D Blacklight Adventure Exhibit "ENCANTADA" an experience you don't want to miss!


Tickets are non refundable however life is ever changing. Contact us immediately so we can try to schedule you for another night at

CRE8 is LGTBQ+ inclusive and any discrimination of any kind will not be tolerated ❤️🙏

CRE8 is an artistic co op making art from the heart ❤️♾️

WARNING:The maze has some laser, flash and fog elements. Anyone with any pre conditions that might have a reaction please take caution before entering the exhibit.

PLEASE NOTE: By purchasing your ticket you agree to any and all content captured and posted publicly by you and of yourself or any other guests of the DATE NIGHT event is property of CRE8 and may be released for public use at any time.


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