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Oil On Canvas

Not framed


24" X 36"


Prince: Purple Rain, Music Rain

  • Prince Rogers Nelson, an American music superstar, famously simply known as Prince, serenaded his fans with his music for many years. With his falsetto singing voice and flamboyant stage appearances, music lovers around the world enjoyed the outpouring music rain of Prince.
    “Purple Rain”- One of Prince’s award-winning albums inspired me to create this painting titled “Purple Rain Music Rain.”
    The general theme of my works is ‘The Facts of Life’ (Roses and Thorns); I used the purple flowers in this painting to depict royalty and Prince’s successful career as rosy time of his life.
    The primary thorn in his life was the contract restraint with Warner Brothers when he could not produce records with his name (Prince) for a short time. The death of his son, the end of his marriage to Mayte Garcia and the accidental drugs overdose that brought a premature end to his
    life and his successful music career were the other thorns of his life.

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