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Berlin, Germany


Myth in Ancient Greece, about the phoenix is a long-lived bird that cyclically regenerates or is otherwise born again. Destruction and death, in its physical and metaphysical meaning in all times, as well as in our COVID-19 reality will and is regenerating and reconstructing our new self, our new reality.

Will we open up for the change? Will we be able to look and live “beyond” our reality?


Art pieces that I create, consists of combination of the opposites, the sensory and intellectual expressions, which I call the “InterSensory Puzzle”. Thus the concept of a body without a soul seem to be empty and devoid of meaning and leads me further in my research of concepts like: myths, cosmism, processes, dualism, determinism and indeterminism, sexuality, time, existentialism, etc, & psychoanalysis.

My inspiration lies in a practice of interdisciplinary methods and approaches through different mediums like: theatre, music, performance art, abstract visual and sound art, as well as experimenting with new media art.

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