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Los Angeles, CA


I oftentimes feel that there are entire worlds with which I’ve lost touch just outside my peripheral vision – and if I look far enough over my shoulder, I may eventually find them. If the sun shifts and catches the light in my eyelashes just right, there is a chance it will highlight an overgrown trailhead. If I can follow a faint and familiar scent, maybe I’ll remember whatever it is I have forgotten. 


By hand stitching through photographs I’ve taken over the past twelve years, I am following that scent. Retracing steps I have never taken, uncovering the overgrown, and slowly piecing together something elusive and long lost, something that defines me. Through the layering of 35 mm photography, hand embroidery,and poetry, I strive to give momentary form and language to this intangible sitting just on the tip of my tongue. 

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