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CRE8 sat down with Jon Haloossim

Artist / Photographer / Filmmaker

1. Introduce yourself

I'm Jon Haloossim. I'm a Los Angeles native.

2. What kind of art do you do?

My focus is photography, but I also do woodworking. I try to take a 2D art form and make it 3D, whether it be with subject of the picture or an element added after the photo has been processed. I really want to people to come away with feeling something from what I do, rather than just look at a flat image on piece of paper. For example, I make sprinkle clothing that that is adhered directly to the skin. Then put into a sprinkle frame, which makes the the sprinkles in the photo pop, making everything look like it has a physical texture that you touch and possibly taste (and yes I mean the ice cream topping). A lot of peoples reaction to this is that it makes them feel hungry and horny. Another series I recently did, entitled "Don't Fall" captured something a little more emotionally piercing (literally and figuratively). I was sick and had have a surgery. After my surgery I felt a little broken down with a cocktail of anger, sadness and unknowing. I needed to take these feelings out on something other than myself. Something therapeutic. I started puncturing my photographs with broken pieces of a mirror. Some where random, some had designs, some had additional elements to create more of a labyrinth. The broken mirror pieces coming out at you created a sense of fear or danger, like don't come close or you might get hurt. The reflective aspect created a hide and go seek effect in each shard.

3. What are the things you're most proud of/grateful for? I am grateful that I am able to create things that I want without any restrictions.

4. What seems to be your biggest struggle being an artist?

Ins and outs of depression and motivation. I let things of past or people hinder my state of mind.

Another struggle is our desire as humans to want to fit in, whether your introvert or extrovert, but sometimes we just don't. I come from a culture that doesn't 100% understand what I do, so a lot of me is left blank to my family. I feel like I have to wear a lot of masks to fit a mold in which I don't actually want to be in.

5. How do you override these struggles?

Translating my emotions into something physical. Or try to act positively towards the world, thinking that if you release good energy that it will be reflected back. 

6. What are you currently working on?

Currently I've been working with liquid latex, which is an interesting material, because it can consume the shape of almost anything and be pulled/stretched off the skin creating a shedding effect. I'm trying to capture as sense of being cocooned and going through a metamorphosis.

Soon I am going to be starting a series trying to desexualize male and female genitalia by making them into landscapes.

7. What is you're Mission as an artist?

Try to create something inclusive where people don't feel like they are alone. Also, try to create stuff that has never been done.


Special perk exclusevily for our readers:






Inspiring quote:

“The most important kind of freedom is to be what you really are. You trade in your reality for a role. You trade in your sense for an act. You give up your ability to feel, and in exchange, put on a mask. There can't be any large-scale revolution until there's a personal revolution, on an individual level.

It's got to happen inside first.”

- Jim Morrison



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