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CRE8 sat down with Neyssan Falahi


1. Introduce yourself

My name is Neyssan Falahi. I was born in Lausanne, Switzerland. A very pretty small-size city where everybody knows each other, surrounded by a big lake, mountains and vineyards. I had a good childhood and great friends, but i kept dreaming of travelling the world. I basically wanted my life to be like a movie :) ! Being half Iranian from my dad and half Austrian from my mom, and the only redhead in the family i guess my identity was shaped and influenced by a fascination for the otherness . Since a very young age I felt more at ease expressing myself physically and that's partly why i fell in love with Martial Arts and it's also why i embraced the career of Acting later on. I loved watching movies too. I would watch American classics such as Singing in the Rain, Hitchcock's films and other gems at my cousin Mardjan's Appartment and perform comedic skits with my older sister, Noura for friends of the family. Nevertheless it's only at the age of 24 that i took my first Acting class in Switzerland. I was too shy before that and i associated being an Artist with suffering and unease. I later did experience those at times but i think it's part of life and i've never been the kind of person that wishes to be happy all the time. My full name means the rain of the spring searching for happiness, so i'm bound to keep searching if i wanna stay alive:).

2. What kind of art do you do?

I'm an actor. I've been acting for 10 years, mostly here in the States, but also in France. I've been lucky to have worked on a variety of projects from Shakespeare, to physical theater, indie films, commercials, TV, fight choreographies and voice over works. I like all forms. With my serious face I tend to work mostly on dramatic pieces but i wish to do more comedy in the future. My other form of Art is Martial Arts, in particular Muay Thai in which i did compete and currently enjoy teaching it.

3. What are the things you're most proud of/grateful for?

Couple years ago, i had the chance to play MacBeth on stage in French at the Toursky Theater in Marseilles under the direction of Edward Berkeley. It was definitely the hardest and most exciting role i portrayed so far. The following year we brought it back, but this times we played at the Lourmarin Castle in Provence, France. Both experiences were very life changing. It was my first time carrying a play but also acting in a big theatre and then acting and sleeping in an actual castle was surreal. I still remember my mom reaction after the opening night at the Toursky. She was so cute and happy. She looked at me and said with full honesty "i couldn't recognize you. It was like i was seeing someone else." I'm also very proud of assisting my friend Tommy Demenkoff in teaching Acting workshops in jails with inmates in New York and Los Angeles. Being able to erase those barriers for the time of a class, laugh, cry, express our humanity together was so moving and beautiful. It showed me how much Art has the power to save people's souls.

4. What seems to be your biggest struggle being an artist?

Not judging myself. I am very hard on myself and often when i start feeling i'm not gonna be able to achieve a high level of accomplishment i'll give up right away. Fear of making a fool of myself, fear of failing. This has been a big element of frustration. Luckily for me, I've had some amazing friends who keep me creating, getting involved and growing as an Artist. Also following my instincts is a challenge, i tend to shut myself off. 

5. How do you override these struggles?

Choosing to be uncomfortable, choosing the risk, making a fool of myself. Taking myself less seriously. Little victories every day, and making sure i acknowledge the decision i made, the teachings i got out of it. But i have to say most of my strength comes out of my friends, family and artists all around the world from which i draw support, faith, inspiration and courage. I feel a strong responsibility towards people i work with and people who love me and support me. I've had many times when i wanted to give up, not go on stage for the 2nd Act, but my commitment towards my fellow acting partners or friends was always stronger. Not disappointing, Not letting friends or family down has always been a strong vector of not giving up and overcoming my fears and challenges. I remember when i was competing in Muay Thai at the Swiss Amateur Championship, i was in the semi-final and i knew i could take down that guy but for some weird reasons i was completely paralyzed during the first round, none of my punches or kicks would come out from my sockets. I remember being in the corner with one of my coaches, Rachid telling him i don't know what's going on, being terrorized, then i looked around at all my friends who had driven 6 hours in a van which couldn't drive faster than 50 miles an hour and it hit me, i put myself on the side and the only thought that carried me was "i can't disappoint them", and i went after him like there was no tomorrow. It was one of the best moments in my life. 

6. What are you currently working on?

I am working on a play with few friends of mine about love. We are writing it from the scratch. It's a slow process and we need to put ourselves some deadlines, but i'm learning a lot as we keep developing it and i think it will be a very special one once it's ready for an audience.

7. What is you're Mission as an artist?

To inspire others and live my life to its fullest. 


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Quote that inspires you:

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